Environmental Accessories Designed by a Top Designer!

WeldMet Solution’s team now includes designer Tarmo Luisk!

Tarmo Luisk (born 1970) is one of the most popular and also internationally renowned and awarded designers from Estonia in the recent years. In addition to his design products, he has significant experience in designing products suitable to the cityscape.

Tarmo Luisk’s biography:


Estonian National Art University, Bachelor’s Degree 1996

Main Exhibitions:

DMY 2012 in Berlin

Personal exhibition in Helsinki’s Estonian House (2012)

Personal exhibition in Rotterman Salt Factory (2011)

Personal exhibition in Museum for Production Art and Design (2005-2006)

DesignMai in Berlin (2004)

“Light. Things” Design Forum Finland, 2004

“Light. Things”, Estonian Embassy in Berlin (2004)

International Biennal for Design, St-Etienne (2000, 2002, 2004)

REDESIGN EUROPE, 2005, Communication Museum in Berlin


2012 Small Thing 1st Prize (in collaboration with M. Pütsep)

2008 Estonian Design Prize Bruno (for the best design project)

2005 Souvenir for Tallinn City, 4 selected work

2004 Landmark for Tallinn, 1st Prize (in collaboration with A. Rohtla)

2000 Park Bench for Tallinn, 3rd Prize (in collaboration with A. Rohtla)

And more:

Docent for Production Design at Estonian Academy of Arts (1998-2006).

Various projects for production design, practical works, instruction and guidance for degree works 2000-2005 (Riho Tiivel, Mehis Tiitsar 2005).

Instruction for degree works of interior architecture 2002, 2003, 2005, special projects with smiths (2005) and glass-workers.

EDL – Member of Board, Founder of MTÜ DisainiÖÖ.

Tarmon ensimmäiset WeldMet Solutionille suunnittelemat tuotteet valmistuvat huhtikuun 2013 loppuun mennessä.

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