WeldMet Solution


OÜ WeldMet Solution’s own product range is furniture for public spaces. It consists of ashtrays and rubbish bins, sorting bins, benches, tables and bicycle holders for both indoor and outdoor spaces.

Our products are durable, modern, and fit well with the surroundings; in addition to their nice appearance they are client-friendly and easily maintained.

WeldMet Solution OÜ also makes furnishing supplies for stores and commercial premises in accordance with the customers’ wishes, plans and measurements. We also make products for restaurants. We make furnishing supplies for both large and small sales points and commercial premises, regardless of their business, and either from metal or as a combination of metal and wood.

In cooperation with our customers we are constantly creating new products and developing the existing ones. We believe that the users provide the best feedback.

Our customers include house owners, apartment associations, enterprises, towns and rural municipalities.